Friday, December 6, 2013

Selenium / phpunit gotchas

Some notes to self...

- IEdriver (at least IE10 in Win7 so far) doesn't click on non-form elements that are (wholly) in the viewport.  Need to $this->move($element); where $element is something that means that the target you want to click is fully in the viewport.  Not sure at the mo about links but they might be OK.

- click()ing on an <a> (in IE11) didn't work; click()ing on a child node did.  Don't know why.

(Update 17/12/2013)
 - Colons in css id selectors break ('An invalid or illegal string was specified').  So instead of $this->byCss("#elem:a1"); it needs to be $this->byCss("#elem\:al");

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